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The Beginner's Guide to Canadian Honours
Christopher McCreery
Dundurn Press, 2008
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A book geared towards kids and those who want to learn the basic parts of Canada’s honours system. For more than 40 years Canadian orders, decorations, and medals have been used to recognize exemplary citizens for their outstanding contributions to our country and to the world. Although Canada is a relatively young country, we are fortunate to have one of the most comprehensive honours systems in the world.
         With the Order of Canada at its centre, the Canadian honours system includes the Victoria Cross, Star of Courage, Order of St. John, General Campaign Star, Canadian Forces Decoration, and a wide variety of other awards.
         From the honours of New France to the many British medals awarded to Canadians prior to 1967, the various elements of the modern Canadian honours system are explained. This short book, rich with illustrations and photos, provides an easy-to-understand overview of Canadian honours, who has received them, and how they are bestowed. The book also includes a wearing guide.

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