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The Canadian Forces' Decoration
Christopher McCreery
Department of National Defence, 2010
Canadian Forces' Decoration; Canada Decoration; Christopher McCreery; Canada honours; Canadian honors; governor general of canada

A comprehensive history of the Canadian Forces’ Decoration, one of the most familiar honours to Canadians. The process of creating an indigenous Canadian honours system was one that transpired over a period of nearly half a century, beginning in 1934 when King George V signed the Royal Warrant constituting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Long Service Medal. Further additions were made in 1943 when King George VI assented to the creation of the ill-fated Canada Medal and the widely distributed Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, and in 1949 when the Canadian Forces’ Decoration was created. The RCMP Long Service Medal and the Canadian Forces’ Decoration constitute the oldest continuously bestowed honours in the Canadian honours system. Together they served as the foundation stones upon which our modern honours system has been constructed.
         This work chronicles the history and development of the Canadian Forces’ Decoration and contains more than 170 photographs. Every aspect of the history of the CD is covered from the insignia, ribbon and rules governing the award to the use of the CD in heraldry and other related logistical details.

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