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The Canadian Honours System
(2nd Edition)
Christopher McCreery
Dundurn Press, 2015
Canada Honours; Canadian honours; The Canadian Honours System; Christopher McCreery; Chris McCreery; Order of Canada

The most comprehensive illustrated resource on the various orders, decorations and medals in the Canadian honours system – past and present, greatly expanded, totaling nearly 750 pages and in a larger 7 x 10 inch format, this fully illustrated overview of the Canadian honours system includes more than 850 colour images. 
         The second edition surveys the history of Canada’s various orders, decorations and medals, from New France’s Croix de Saint-Louis, Britain’s Order of the Bath, to modern Canadian honours such as the Sacrifice Medal and the recently created Polar Medal. Since the establishment of the Order of Canada in 1967, the Canadian honours system has grown to become one of the most comprehensive in the world – with more than 300,000 Canadians having been rewarded over the past fifty years for all manners of achievements and service to Canada and humanity at large.
         Each honour in the modern Canadian honours system, and its precursor, the British imperial honours system, is examined here in detail, including historical background, design and criteria for bestowal. With special chapters on heraldry, protocol and the proper mounting and wearing of medals, The Canadian Honours System is the essential reference for anyone interested in Canadian honours.

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