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The Order of Canada: Genesis of an Honours System
Christopher McCreery
University of Toronto Press, 2018
OC 2nd Edition Cover.jpg

The most comprehensive scholarly work on the history and development of the Canadian honours system, and the Order of Canada in particular, this book examines in depth the development of Canada’s honours system.
         The second edition of The Order of Canada continues the celebration of the order. Christopher McCreery sheds new light on the development of Canadian honours in the early 1930s, the imposed prohibition on honours from 1946 to 1967, and new details on those who have been removed or resigned from the Order. Extensively illustrated, The Order of Canada pays tribute to the individuals who felt the need for a system of recognition for Canadians. Indeed, the order’s history is as fascinating as the more than four thousand Canadians who have received it.
         The second edition is significantly expanded over the first, which was released in 2005. With new chapters examining the more controversial episodes in the life of the Order, including terminations and resignations from the Order, the creation of the extraordinary division of the Order, new information about the creation of Canada’s first honour, the RCMP Long Service Medal, and controversial episodes in the history of Canada’s highest honour are all covered. 

     You can also check out "Insulating from the Inevitable: The Butler-Pitfield Principles" a paper delivered by the author at the Honours & Heraldry Symposium held in Ottawa, May 2018.

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