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Fifty Years Honouring Canadians: 
The Order of Canada, 1967-2017
Christopher McCreery
Dundurn Press, 2017
Order of Canada; Canada Honours; Canada honors; Christopher McCreery; Chris McCreery; Jean Vanier

This fully illustrated history traces the Order of Canada from its establishment in 1967 to its place today as a national honour. With more than 200 images, many of them never before publicly available, this illustrated history traces the origins of the Order, from the debate surrounding Canadians accepting peerages and knighthoods that took place during the First World War, through to Vincent Massey and Lester Pearson’s great desire to see their fellow citizens recognized with a truly Canadian honour. Details about the design of the insignia, investitures, and prominent members of the Order of Canada are also included. Rich with illustrations and historical vignettes, this book provides an easily accessible window into the fascinating history of our pre-eminent national honour.

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