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Order of Canada

In honour of the Order’s decennial anniversary, Canada Post issued a commemorative 12 cent stamp (the domestic postage rate at the time) displaying the ribbon of the Order and a Companion’s insignia. For the Order’s twenty fifth anniversary, Canada Post issued a pair of stamps, the first displaying a Companion’s insignia, while the second commemorated the life and service of the Order’s first Chancellor, Roland Michener, who had died in 1991. 

The insignia of the Order of Canada has appeared on other Canadian Stamps; a 2005 Stamp commemorating the life of the first female federal cabinet minister, Ellen Fairclough, PC, CC; noted baseball player Fergie Jenkins, CM; and the founder of the first black-owned and published Nova Scotia newspaper Carrie Best, OC, ONS, were issued in 2011 in honour of Black History Month. 

For the Order’s 50th anniversary it is expected that Canada Post will issue a commemorative stamp.

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